Business & Community Engagement

Addressing the complex challenges related to poverty, affordable and available housing, behavior health, substance abuse and unemployment is a communitywide effort. We work closely with our neighbors, businesses and community partners to be a vital part of this ongoing work. Learn how to get involved and help be a part of the solution.

Engaged community partners

Many organizations support the efforts of the City of Everett to address the needs of those most vulnerable or living unsheltered. Coalitions and collaboration are making a difference in how the city and the community work together for positive change.

Everett Faith in Action

Everett Faith in Action (EFIA) is a network of faith-based leaders in Everett committed to partnering with non-profits and the City of Everett to address the crisis of homelessness and its causes in our community. Visit EFIA on Facebook.

Hot Meals Coalition 

The Hot Meals Coalition works to ensure meals are available to Everett residents who have food insecurities, are living unsheltered, or enjoy a meal with their community. There are currently 12 meal providers that work together to ensure a meal is available everyday of the week, mostly at local churches or service agencies. View the most recent meal schedule here.

Charitable Giving: Best Practices

Many civic-minded individuals and groups want to know how they can help people experiencing homelessness in our city.  View best practices and community partners here.

Business partners and programs

Working with our Everett businesses to address their safety and security concerns is a top priority for the city.  In order to thrive, the city relies on the strong business partnerships,  relationships and collaboration.

Downtown Everett Association

The Downtown Everett Association (DEA) offers services to businesses and property owners within the downtown improvement district. Services include graffiti removal, no trespassing signs, trash collection and more. the City works closely with the DEA and downtown businesses to build relationships and provide a safe, walkable downtown for residents, businesses and visitors.

Everett District Station Alliance/ Smith Avenue Safety Coalition

Everett Station District Alliance is a nonprofit organization that's working to enhance the neighborhood around Everett Station by working in partnership with businesses, property owners, residents, associations, public agencies, and other stakeholders to make the neighborhood safer, cleaner, and more inviting to do business, work, commute, and live for all people.

Connect Casino Road

Located in the Casino Road neighborhood of South Everett, Connect Casino Road is a collaborative made up of a variety of stakeholders in the greater Casino Road community working together to align our efforts to a common vision: thriving families and a resilient community.

CPTED crime prevention

Crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) is a crime prevention concept used to evaluate the physical security of structures. When implemented, CPTED can lead to a reduction of fear and incidence of crime while improving quality of life. Using basic CPTED principles, your security can be evaluated and vulnerable areas managed. Learn more about the CPTED program.

Safe cleanups

We've partnered with the Snohomish Health District to provide free needle cleanup kits to community members and businesses. Used needles left in public and private places are both a nuisance and potential safety concern. Whether they're used to inject medicines like insulin or for illegal drugs, needles can spread blood-borne pathogens through accidental needle pokes. While the risk of contracting a disease from a needle-stick injury is very low, there are ways to further reduce that risk.

Naloxone deployment

Naloxone is a drug that can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. The City has expanded access to naloxone to certain City staff. In addition to police and fire, staff from Parks and Community Services, Transit, and the Library are trained to carry naloxone. Learn more about naloxone at