Pet Waste

Picture of guilty-looking dog with the words "My doody is your duty."

Pet waste is a public health issue for everyone. When it is not picked up and disposed of properly, dog poop spreads diseases to people and pets and rain washes poop into ditches and drains that flow into waterways. 

Take the pledge!

Do your “doody” and take the Scoop the Poop pledge (opens in new window) and we will mail you a free pet waste kit* as a thank you for doing your part to be a responsible dog owner.  

*Kit available only for City of Everett residents. 

Pet waste bag stations

The City of Everett has pet waste bag dispensers in public parks, trails and other public spaces to assist pet owners. We rely on volunteers to keep these dispensers filled. Learn how to become a Mutt Mitt volunteer!

Are you an apartment manager or HOA (Homeowners Association) member looking to install a pet waste dispenser or come up with a pet waste plan? Learn more about installing private property pet waste dispensers and what resources are available to you.