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Transit Consolidation Study – More Transit Together

Everett Transit and Community Transit More Transit Together

With the region’s economic and population growth, the demand for public transportation is increasing. The City of Everett, Everett Transit, and Community Transit have been working together since 2022 to study what it could mean to provide More Transit Together in Everett and Snohomish County through a potentially consolidated transit system.

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Today, two independent transit agencies serve Snohomish County residents. Everett Transit operates buses within the city, and Community Transit provides transit service across Snohomish County, including local and regional transit services.

In 2019, Everett’s City Council initiated the evaluation of transit services provided by Everett Transit. The City's Rethink Transit study considered three options for future provision of transit service in Everett: status quo (no change), growth, and growth through consolidation.

 In 2023, staff and a joint policy committee made up of elected officials from Everett and the Community Transit Board of Directors began to study what a consolidated system could conceivably look like. The goal of this study is to better understand if a consolidated transit system would help meet expanding needs for efficient, fast, frequent, reliable, and environmentally sustainable travel. Opportunities for public input will take place in 2025, followed by decisions about whether to move forward. Any decision to consolidate transit service would be subject to approval by the Everett City Council, the Community Transit Board, and ultimately the voters of Everett. No decisions have been made about whether to seek those approvals.

To oversee the Transit Consolidation Study, the City of Everett, Everett Transit, and Community Transit established the Joint Policy Committee (JPC). It consists of three Everett City Council members and three Community Transit Board members. You can learn more about the JPC below. 

What’s happening next?

Ahead of current plans to seek community input in 2025, the focus for each agency during 2024 will shift somewhat, with both agencies now planning to focus on near-term transit improvements. The City of Everett will focus on fleet electrification, inductive charging systems and designing/building a replacement vehicle maintenance facility specifically for electric vehicles. Community Transit will begin testing electric vehicles in service and focus on connecting its service to light rail, including opening the new Swift Orange Line and extending the Swift Blue Line, and expanding local service.

What could service look like under a consolidated system?

Learn more about the work that the agencies did together: More Transit Together - Transit Consolidation Study. You can also watch a recording of the Everett City Council meeting or the Community Transit Board meeting where this information was presented.

Engaging with the community in 2025

In 2025, the community will have the opportunity to review a draft service plan for a consolidated system and provide comments. Community input will help shape the final draft service plan before the consolidation study is completed. Based on this input and the results of the study, the Everett City Council would decide whether to ask Everett residents to vote to join the Community Transit Public Transportation Benefit Area (PTBA). The potential timing of the Everett City Council’s action and a possible vote has not been determined.

Joint Policy Committee 

The Joint Policy Committee (JPC) is overseeing the development of the consolidation study.  Its members include three City Council members from Everett and three Board members from Community Transit. In addition to this policy-level committee, work is being conducted by an executive managers group and technical committees. Each group includes equal representation from both agencies. An independent facilitator facilitates discussion and helps to clarify roles and responsibilities at all three levels while ensuring clear flow of information between the groups.

News and updates

Check back here regularly to read the minutes from the JPC meetings:

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