Transit Consolidation Study

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In 2019, Everett’s City Council initiated the evaluation of transit services provided by Everett Transit. The City's Rethink Transit study considered three options for future provision of transit service in Everett: status quo (no change), growth, and growth through consolidation.

In June of 2021 Everett City Council directed Everett City staff to conduct a study with Community Transit to further develop the growth through consolidation option of the Rethink Transit study. The City of Everett, Everett Transit and Community Transit are working together to design this collaborative study process with a goal of achieving the best possible transit service for both Everett and county residents.

The transit consolidation study will define a plan for Everett to join Community Transit's public transportation benefit area (PTBA). With Council approval, the joint study would inform a potential ballot measure for Everett voters to consider to move forward with the growth through consolidation option.


The work is to be organized around a three-part structure comprised of technical, executive, and policy levels. Each group will include equal representation from both agencies. An independent facilitator will facilitate discussion and administer roles and responsibilities at all three levels while ensuring clear flow of information between the groups.

Joint framework study structure

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