Port Gardner Storage Facility

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The Port Gardner Storage Facility (PGSF) will redevelop the former Kimberley Clark industrial wastewater treatment plant to provide temporary storage and control of urban stormwater and combined sewer overflows. 

The PGSF project includes multiple phases including site demolition, site construction and other sewer system improvements.

Map of the project area, south of naval station and east of marine view drive.

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The former Kimberly Clark industrial wastewater treatment plant was purchased by the City of Everett in 2019. When completed, the PGSF will temporarily store wastewater during exceptional storms when there is more water than the sewer system can handle. The stored wastewater will flow to the Water Pollution Control Facility for treatment and disposal as capacity allows. The PGSF will be connected to the City’s wastewater system by constructing new sewers to bring wastewater to and from the facility. 

Current Washington State law requires cities to reduce the number of combined sewer overflows. Reducing the amount of combined sewer overflows (CSO) will improve water quality in Possession Sound and the Snohomish River. The City of Everett has 13 combined sewer outfall pipes, where overflows enter Port Gardner Bay or the Snohomish River during wet weather. 

The combined sewer system in the north end of the city was largely constructed between 1890 and 1963. Most of the southern part of Everett is a separated sewer system, where stormwater and sewage are in different pipes.