Colby trees project

Learn more about the current health of the 68 trees along Colby Avenue and ideas for replacement trees, soil remediation and spacing as the remaining trees near the end of their life cycle.

For more information or if you have questions regarding Colby Trees, contact Kimberly Shelton here.

News and updates:

Update: 10/28/2022 - Thank you for your patience as we navigate several challenges with the planting of new trees on the 1700 block in the Colby Tree Demonstration Area. We have not only run into challenges obtaining the trees that we want and the size that we want, but also finding a contractor to put them in the ground for us. We plan to start the request for bid process again in the Spring and hope to find a contractor who can get the trees into the ground in 2023.

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Community meeting

In case you missed it, view the recording of the Colby Trees meeting to learn more about the trees, the project and next steps.