Chaplain Volunteer opportunities

Everett Police Department is looking for volunteers to join its chaplain program. Police chaplains are a group of ordained men and women who desire to serve their community by offering support to families and officers during times of crisis.

 Job description:

  • Works on a volunteer on-call basis
  • Responds at the request of Everett Police Department to individuals in crisis
  • Provides a presence, listening ear, and counsel to those in crisis
  • Performs civil and religious ceremonies
  • Works as a team with first responders during critical incidents     
  • Provides counsel to Officers and their families
  • When called upon, connects people in need with their faith community


  • Fulfilling community service
  • Opportunity to provide support to officers and families during challenging times
  • Includes 40-hour Chaplain Training Academy to prepare the individual for service


  • Ordained by recognized pastoral ministry 
  • Open to all faith groups
  • On call availability
  • Ability to pass background check

For more information and screening please contact either Fred Zoeller ([email protected]) or Jack Richards ([email protected])

  1. Police Department

    Physical Address
    3002 Wetmore Avenue
    Everett, WA 98201

    Phone: 425-257-8400
    Fax: 425-257-6500

  2. Fred Zoeller


  3. Jack Richards