Construction projects

Construction projects

Bid documents for Capital Construction and Small Works Roster projects are available from Builders Exchange of Washington

  • Please note: Bids posted here may require registration for the city’s Small Works Roster

Award Information

The awarded contractor can be found by searching City council agendas.  It usually takes several weeks until council action is requested.

Updated project construction information for the Public Works Department, which usually includes the contract start and end dates can be found at on Public Works- Construction Projects.

Contract start and end dates for other department projects is determined at the pre-construction meeting and is not available.

Requests for construction plan sets

The City has designated Builders Exchange of Washington as the official source of bid packages for most public works projects, which insures that all bidders receive complete documentation, including all addendum, changes and clarifications. The City has adopted this Clerk's Rule (PDF) for public records requests regarding bid packages.