Small Works Roster

The city uses the shared Small Public Works Roster maintained by MRSC. Registration and information is available at the MRSC Roster website. Contractors on this roster will be eligible for projects up to $350,000.

Bid Opportunities

Bids that utilize the Small Works Roster are posted on the City’s website. Additionally, as needed, projects may be posted on Builder’s Exchange of Washington website.


The purpose of the Small Works Roster is to form a pool of contractors for various small construction projects for the City of Everett. The projects, in general, require that:

  • Prevailing wages be paid and documented in compliance with RCW 39.12.
  • A Performance Bond is executed in compliance with RCW 39.08 before beginning work.
  • The contractor holds a Washington State contractor’s license.
  • Contractor must deliver a certificate of insurance naming the city as an additional insured party before beginning work.
  • Contractor must have a City of Everett business license.
  • Contractor must provide a completed W-9 form.

Bid Notification

Once the city identifies a small works project, all qualified bidders on the Small Works Roster will be invited to bid. Any bidder who does not respond to a Small Works Roster bid invitation will be removed from that category on the Small Works Roster. A written response of "No Bid" shall be sufficient response to remain as a vendor on the Small Works Roster.