Carport Variance Application

The City received a Variance application to construct an attached carport within the required 5 foot rear setback at 1632 Wetmore Avenue.  A Notice of Application was issued on April 13, 2021.  The Land Use Hearing Examiner virtual public hearing is scheduled on May 13, 2021  at 1:00 PM.

If you have any questions regarding this proposal, please contact Kelsey Heyd at 425-257-7275or

Remote Public Meeting Guidelines and Procedures

The City of Everett uses Microsoft TEAMS to conduct public meetings.  The public can access via phone, or online using the TEAMS App.  

Via Phone:

To listen to the public hearing, call the conference call line (425-616-3920) and enter the ID# (722 547 695#) of the meeting.  All external calls will be muted during the presentations. Once the Hearing Examiner opens the period for public comments, external calls will be unmuted and additional direction will be given at that time.  

Via computer/smartphone/tablet:

If you have a computer/smartphone/tablet and an Internet connection you can join via Microsoft Teams. Follow this meeting link as early as 15 minutes before the meeting starts. It will open in a browser. You can choose to follow the instructions on that webpage to install the Teams app or join from the browser.

Once you are in the meeting, please mute your microphone.  Please keep mic muted until the Land Use Hearing Examiner opens the period for public comments.  If you do not have a headset with microphone, or are unsure if your computer has an integrated microphone, you may also call in using the conference call line and enter the ID# of the meeting.

Hearing Examiner Staff Report