Site development

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Site Development or civil site work consists of any work in the public right-of-way or on private property outside of the building walls. A Public Works Permit is required for most site work including but not limited to the following:

  • Clearing, grading, excavation, earthwork (land disturbing activity) - Note that the City does not have a separate Clearing & Grading Permit.
  • Paving, grind & overlay, adding gravel, or any conversion of softscape (landscaping) to hardscape (gravel, pavers, asphalt, concrete, etc.)
  • Driveway and/or sidewalk addition or replacement pavement
  • Parking lot striping (changing stall stripes or restriping where the stripes/stall lines can no longer be seen). Note- repainting over stripes that are currently still existing to make them darker does not require a permit. 
  • Drainage/stormwater work and vaults
  • Water & sewer work (mains require a Public Works Permit, services require a Utility Permit)
  • Franchise Utility work (conduit, directional boring, trenching, junction boxes/hand holes, installation of new/replacement utility poles and/or new equipment on a utility pole, small cell technology, antennas – Note: Franchise Agreements and Blanket Permits are required in addition to/before eligibility for a Public Works Permit. 
  • Fence installation in the right-of-way – see requirements in Fence Handout. 
  • Access gates & barriers, electronic sliding gates, etc. 
  • Retaining walls, rockeries, or landscaping walls in the right-of-way or on private property and exceeding 4 feet in height measured from the bottom of the footing to the top of the wall or supports a surcharge. 
  • Potholing, installation of monitoring wells, or other right-of-way work

For questions on the overall permitting process, please visit our permitting process page.