Commercial construction

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Commercial construction consists of any work on multi-family, mixed-use, commercial, industrial, institutional, or otherwise considered non-residential (SFR, duplex, or townhouse) buildings constructed under the provisions of the International Building Code (IBC) or their related site work. A permit is required for most work including but not limited to the following, except as exempted by code:

Building permits:

  • New construction of commercial buildings (as noted above)
  • Additions, remodels, or repairs to commercial structures
  • Core & shell work on commercial buildings
  • Foundation-only work on commercial buildings
  • Demolition of commercial structures (demolition permit)
  • Interior demolition (building permit)
  • Tenant improvements (T.I.)
  • Change of use / change of occupancy
  • Espresso stands
  • Commercial decks, ramps, & stairs
  • Commercial re-roof
  • Fences over 7ft in height
  • Cell towers & antenna replacements
  • Commercial swimming pools, hot tubs, spas

Trade permits:

  • Mechanical equipment/fixtures on a commercial property
  • Plumbing fixtures in a commercial property
  • Electrical work in a commercial property
  • Fire alarm systems & emergency radio systems
  • Fire suppression systems

For commercial site work (outside of the building), see our site development page.

For SFR, duplex, or townhome construction, see our residential construction page.

For other types of construction, please view our complete list of construction permit applications