Pallet Shelters

Pallet shelter being assembled

Pallet Shelters:

Pallet shelters--rapid-response temporary shelter units--are innovative and cost-effective units that offer unsheltered individuals dignity, safety, and privacy as they transition toward permanent housing.  Made locally, Pallet shelters are the culmination of many months of research by multiple City departments to address homelessness issues in our city. Partnering with host locations and case management agencies, Pallet shelters in Everett provide accommodations and services that offer accountability and compassion to unsheltered individuals in our city.  

Behavioral Health

Pallet Shelter partnerships:

The purpose of the Pallet Shelter partnerships is to meet the increased need the City of Everett is experiencing.  The City of Everett has allotted over $3 million ARPA dollars toward the use of Pallet shelters in order to temporarily shelter individuals and families with children.  These projects will help address public health and safety concerns while providing Pallet shelter residents with resources available through case management provided on-site. Pallet partnerships started in 2021 at EGM and is expanding, with two additional shelter locations anticipated to open in early 2023.  Read about these sites below.

Everett Gospel Mission pallet project

In 2021, Everett Gospel Mission (EGM) installed 20 Pallet shelters adjacent to the Men's Shelter on Smith Ave.  These units were available to chronically unsheltered individuals referred by COET and were quickly filled.  Pallet residents are offered services and resources through EGM's case management, which prioritize safety and stability.  With the success of this pilot program, 20 additional units were installed in 2022, providing 40 total beds.  Palisades, the adopted name of this project, is now helping to significantly reduce the encampments, litter, and drug use in this area of our city.


This project is located at the northeast portion of the 3700 block of Smith Avenue

Pallet Expansion: ARPA at work

Faith Family Village: Located in the Madison neighborhood, this 8-unit shelter located at Faith Lutheran Church will provide shelter to families experiencing homelessness.  Managed by Interfaith Family Shelter, this shelter project is slated to open in 2023. This shelter has received congressional HUD and ARPA funding for two years.

Volunteers of America: VOA is developing a 20-unit pallet project in partnership with the City of Everett.  This project focuses on unsheltered women in recovery and their children.  Utilizing ARPA funds, VOA will provide a safe and accountable program that includes case management, security, and a code of conduct that allows unsheltered women to move from survival toward stability.

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