Pack it in, pack it out

When visiting Everett's parks, please take your trash and recyclables with you to help us keep your parks clean and beautiful for all to enjoy! We invite you to learn more about this program and all the benefits it provides to Everett's parks.

Looking for a trash receptacle? Check out our Google map to find a receptacle near you! Please note that some parks are pack-it-out only. We appreciate your help to keep our parks clean!

Click here to find an Everett Parks trash receptacle near you

Why pack it out?

Packing out what you pack in is good for your parks and the environment! Help us keep parks beautiful and our environment healthy for all to enjoy by bringing your trash with you to throw away and recycle ♻ at home. 

The less time staff need to spend on picking up trash in our parks means they'll have more time for things like mowing grass, beautifying landscapes, maintaining playgrounds, cleaning and repairing restrooms and working on park improvement projects.

Less litter in our parks :


Allows staff time to keep our parks beautiful


Saves money on disposal fees


Protects wildlife and ecosystems


Helps keep parks clean for all to enjoy


Protects Everett's many waterways

About Everett parks

Everett Parks staff work hard year-round to keep your parks maintained and beautiful for all to enjoy. By packing out what you pack in, Parks staff can spend less time picking up trash, and more time beautifying Everett's parks and open spaces! 


There are 45 parks and open spaces in Everett that are cared for by Parks staff

Acres of parks icon

There are more than 900 acres of park land maintained by staff


Parks staff pick up about 100 tons of litter and trash every year 

Parks staff dedicate about 4,500 hours to keeping your parks maintained 

Learn more from our community meeting about the program:

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