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Let's create, everett

The City of Everett is applying for a Creative District designation through the Washington State Arts Commission (ARTSWA)Creative Districts empower artists and creatives to co-lead placemaking efforts that communities thrive. They're built on a core belief that the community is the expert -- that the potential for a thriving Creative District lies in leveraging the community's inherent strengths.

Lend your voice! Take our survey

The Creative District formation process requires the community's input. Lending your voice will help inform our work over the next several years. It will help determine the kinds of activities, businesses, restaurants, and the types of jobs you'd like to see.

Click here to take our survey. It only takes about 10 minutes to complete. 

Frequently asked questions

What is a Creative District?
A Creative District is a fun place to live, work, and visit. It’s walkable, geographically defined area of cultural and economic activity. It’s the heart of a community. It is a place for people to gather and enjoy their community’s arts and culture. It is a place where innovation and creativity can thrive. A place that helps the community move enthusiastically into the future.

How will certification benefit Everett?
Washington State certification endorses creative activities as  foundational to quality of life and economic health. It recognizes the potential for growth by empowering artists and creatives to lead efforts that advance the quality of place here in Everett.

Certification will help Everett:

  • Promote its creative identity
  • Get grant funding for projects like art installations and events
  • Grow jobs in the creative sector
  • Increase tourism and bring new visitors
  • Attract artists, start-ups, and creative businesses
  • Create opportunities for affordable housing; this may include live/work and maker spaces for artists.
  • Boost livability
  • Redevelop historic assets

Where will the Creative District be?
That is yet to be determined, but based on the eligibility requirements from the State, it will most likely be in Downtown Everett. Creative Districts are required to be walkable, human-scale areas made up of cultural and economic activity as well as housing. As Everett grows and develops other areas outside of Downtown, the District could theoretically move. Some large cities have multiple Creative Districts as well. 

What kind of stuff will happen in the Creative District? 
This is up to you! Tell us what you want to see by taking our survey.

Who's leading the efforts?
This project is being led by the office of Economic Development and a volunteer formation group made up of community members from different backgrounds, creative professions and personal interests. The group is tasked with earning the certification and creating a strategic plan for the Creative District.

The group includes:

  • Tyler Chism, City of Everett 
  • Citlalli "Alli" Zarate, Everett Cultural Arts Commission
  • Madison Vazquez, Downtown Everett Assoc.
  • Carol Thomas, Schack Art Center
  • Abby Cooley, Everett Public Library
  • Lu Hernandez, Artist, activist
  • Raniere, Imagine Children's Museum
  • Michael Hanon, Everett Music Initiative
  • Ru OttoArtSpace Lofts
  • Isabella Valencia, Black Lab Gallery
  • Mathew Wilkinson, The Rock
  • Samantha Toupin, Flowplay
  • Johnny Vo, Flowplay
  • Britney Barber, Everett Improv
  • Ruben Trujillo, Delta Arts Collective
  • Erica Weir, Village Theatre
  • Jason Grim, Jag Artworks, Everett Cultural Arts Commission

  1. Tyler Chism

    Tourism and Events Coordinator

  2. Dan Eernissee

    Economic Development Director