Transmission Line Right of Way

Transmission line right of way

Everett owns property or easement rights along the water transmission line corridors, which makes up the Everett transmission line right of way. Everett manages the water transmission line corridor in order to construct, own, operate and maintain the water pipelines, facilities, and assets within the transmission line right of way. Management of these facilities and the transmission line right of way includes the need to have access available across the property without advanced notice for emergency response and maintenance activities.

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The City of Everett owns and operates four 48 to 51-inch water transmission lines in two distinct corridors. Each of the pipelines has a nominal capacity of 50 million gallons per day, and together they serve more than 600,000 customers. The pressure in these lines can exceed 180 pounds per square inch. The two corridors combined are over 40 miles in length and typically 100 feet in width.