Budget process timeline

Like we mentioned in Budget 101, creating the annual budget is nearly a year-long process that involves both the community and the City. Working together as a community helps create a City budget that is balanced, responsible and supports the important services provided to Everett’s residents and businesses.

View the table below for more details. Visit the next page for how you can get involved and share your ideas.



  • Plan and develop budget calendar for budget year


  • Complete budget instructions and distribute to city staff
  • Information prepared and distributed to departments to develop line-item budgets
  • Departments submit requests for new programs 
  • Prepare documents and coordinate revenue estimates
  • Prepare preliminary base budget


  • Preparation of preliminary revenues and resources 
  • Administration review of new program requests, revenue estimates and base budgets


  • Develop target budgets for departments 
  • Receive budgets from departments 
  • Council budget workshop – budget status and revenue forecasts
  • Proposed budget balanced and budget document prepared
  • Mayor’s message and proposed budget presented to City Council
  • Proposed Budget Revenue & Expense Council briefing and public hearing


  • Public hearings on budget plan (appropriate public notice is provided)


  • Adoption of budget

January - March

  • Prepare final budget document 
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