Healthy Streets program

The City of Everett is designating select streets "local access only" to encourage active transportation and increase opportunities for people to get out, get fresh air and get moving. The Healthy Streets program is intended to provide additional social distancing space for pedestrians and bicycles, limit through-traffic on these streets, and continue access for local traffic. The program aligns with the continuing implementation of the City’s Bicycle Master Plan and other planned transportation improvements.

The four street segments selected for this program connect with bicycle and pedestrian facilities across the length of the city, creating a continuous route from north Everett to Silver Lake. They will be open to local access only through phase three of Washington’s Safe Start plan, or until otherwise announced.

Open to local access only beginning mid-July:

About local access designation

  • Through traffic is not permitted on the selected streets
  • People who live along them can drive to and from their homes
  • Emergency services can access the streets
  • Delivery workers can access the streets
  • Street parking and parking lot access are still allowed

Tips for using the local access roads

  • Keep it moving! Keep walking, running, rolling or biking; no picnics, BBQs, sports or gatherings.
  • If you see a others gathering or out for a stroll, maintain social distancing for your safety and theirs.
  • Can’t maintain 6 feet of distance from others? Bring a face cover with you just in case.
  • Since local access is still allowed, pedestrians should keep an eye out for cars and delivery vehicles, and drivers should keep an eye out for pedestrians and bikes.

How streets were selected for this program

  • Higher priority given to:    
    • Low-volume local streets with arterials in close proximity to appropriate route alternatives        
    • Streets where several alternative routes exist        
    • Local streets that are part of the Bicycle Master Plan—routes that have already been implemented and those that are planned  
    • A walking path around Silver Lake, a planned pedestrian amenity    
  • Lower priority given to:    
    • Streets with fire truck or bus service routes
    • Streets with extensive angle parking