Visiting parks during a pandemic


Everett Parks & Community Services opened parking lots and boat launches on May 5 in response to Governor Jay Inslee’s new guidance on allowing some outdoor recreation. Parking lots will be open for all parks from dawn to dusk. Restrooms, amenities and active areas such as ball fields, playgrounds, beaches, skate parks and off-leash areas remain closed until further notice.

Walter E. Hall and Legion Memorial golf courses also reopened for limited use on May 5. Both golf courses are following new COVID-19 requirements and recommendations for golf courses from Governor Inslee and the Golf Alliance of Washington. New health and safety operations and guidelines are in place. Learn more.

Update to parks services:

On April 22, Everett City Council approved the adoption of $3.4 million in emergency budget reductions, taken in response to COVID-19. These reductions were necessary to protect the City’s financial viability and ability to deliver core services. They affect nearly every department across the City, including many Parks & Community Services programs. Click here to earn more about 2020 parks service reductions.

Be good park stewards

When the sun comes out and temperatures warm up, the outdoors may be calling. Before heading out for some fresh air, we ask community members to be mindful of changes to our parks and follow public health guidelines from state and local health officials.

In response to COVID-19 and Governor Jay Inslee’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order, we closed our restrooms and amenities. Active areas such as sports courts, ball fields, playgrounds, beaches, skate parks and off-leash areas are closed until further notice.

Under Governor Inslee’s order, Washington residents may go outside for exercise, walks, boating and taking the dog out, as long as at least six feet of distance is maintained at all times, and people avoid travel and crowds. If you do go outside, stick to nearby parks, trails or neighborhoods with your immediate household only. Groups and gatherings of all sizes are prohibited.

It will take each and every one of us doing our part to keep our community safe and healthy. Everett parks will be ready for play and adventure when the public health risk has passed. Learn more about COVID-19 and the City’s response at

See below to learn more about recreating responsibly.

Do go for walks
Do walk your pets on a leash
Do go on bike rides


  • Stay close to your home and stay home if you don’t feel well.
  • Only recreate with members of your immediate household.
  • Limit your park use to walks, runs, boating or bike rides through open areas.
  • Keep pets on a leash and clean up after them.
  • Maintain physical distancing of at least 6 feet from others
  • Go before you go; restrooms are closed.
  • Bring hygiene supplies with you such as soap and water or hand sanitizer.
  • Pack out what you pack in; trash receptacles and service are limited.
  • Keep it moving; head home once you’re done walking/running/boating.
Don't drive to the park
Don't gather in groups
Pack it in, pack it out. Take your trash home with you.


  • Don’t park in no parking areas – it is prohibited and may result in a fine. Emergency services need access at all times.
  • Don’t enter closed areas. Playgrounds, picnic areas, bathrooms and active recreation areas, like sports courts, ballfields and skate parks, are closed until further notice. Many of these are high-touch areas where physical distancing is difficult.
  • Don’t gather. This includes having a picnic or playing a game of ball or frisbee with your friends. Park use should be limited to walks, runs and bike (or boat) rides with members of your immediate household only.
  • Don’t leave your trash in the park. Take it with you to throw away at home.
  • Don’t visit crowded parks; if it looks difficult to maintain physical distancing, find another park to visit.

Additionally, when boating:

  • Only boat solo or with members of your immediate household
  • Keep your distance at the pay station; credit cards only
  • Park in every other stall
  • Don’t beach your boat next to others
  • Don’t raft up – keep your distance

What’s open*

*Open areas are only open to individuals and their immediate households for passive recreation such as walks, runs, boating, leashed dog walks and bike rides. All visitors should follow physical distancing and public health guidelines. Groups and gatherings of any size (outside of immediate households) are prohibited under the governor’s stay home order.

What’s closed

  • Restrooms
  • Beaches
  • Playgrounds
  • Skate parks
  • Ball fields
  • Off-leash areas
  • Picnic shelters
  • Other parks amenities and active areas

Find a full list of facility closures and service changes.

Park maintenance

With social distancing measures in place and limited staffing at this time, parks maintenance teams are prioritizing tasks considered immediately necessary including urgent repairs, emergency response and preservation activities. All parks are on a schedule to be mowed throughout the spring and summer. Due to limited staffing, however, they will not be mowed as often as previous seasons. Regular grounds maintenance will be performed sparingly to prevent overgrowth and damage to parks. All other work not immediately necessary will be delayed until further notice.