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Everett’s strength has always been the people who call this city home. We are a resilient, creative and caring community built on trust, inclusion and equity. We are one Everett. 

One Everett is a participatory community art project designed to reflect our oneness during this pandemic, our anti-hate stance and our goal to make Everett a welcoming, safe place for all. We’re inviting everyone in the community to join in and help spread some positive vibes and encouragement during these difficult times.

Here’s how it works:

1) Download and print the poster 

The poster comes in two sizes, 8.5" x 11" and 17" x 22", and each size comes in either a full-color version or a color-your-own version for anyone looking for a fun little coloring project. The downloadable files are at the bottom of this page.

Printing tips: 
The 8.5" x 11" version prints as one sheet that’s ready to go. The 17" x 22" version prints as four 8.5" x 11" pages and will take a little arts and crafts magic to assemble into the 17" x 22" poster. 

No printer? No worries!
Grab one of the social media graphics for posting on your social media platform of choice. If you’re feeling artsy, you can draw your own. 

2) Post it up!

Tape the poster on the inside of a window facing toward the sidewalk or street so your neighbors can admire it while they’re out getting fresh air. If you don’t have windows that face the street or a sidewalk, just skip this step.

3) Share it!

Take a photo of the poster in your window or you or your family holding it. Then share the photo on social media along with hashtag #OneEverett. If you have a positive story or encouraging thought to share along with your photo, please do! If you don’t have social media, share it with friends, family and neighbors via text or email.

Special thank you to Everett artist Rosemary Jones for the poster design.

Want to print the One Everett logo on something other than a poster, like a mug, sticker, or t-shirt? Great! Contact Tyler Chism at for more details.


Posters and banner for printing

One Everett all are welcome banner

Social media and web graphics

Click on images to download 

Facebook cover

One Everett Facebook Cover Opens in new window

Facebook profile pictures

Grab the Facebook profile frame here. You can also download one of the images below and upload as your profile photo.

One Everett frame mockup muffler man Opens in new window

Muffler Man loves rocking the Facebook profile frame!

One Everett graphics_profile2 Opens in new windowOne Everett graphics_profile Opens in new windowFacebook Camera Frame

Snag the Facebook camera frame here and add a LOT of love to your photos. 

One Everett camera mockup Opens in new window 

Twitter cover 

One Everett graphics_twitter cover Opens in new window

Web-ready JPEGS

These are various web-ready JPEG files great for posting on social media, a blog or website. 

8.5x11_Color_logo Opens in new window

8.5x11_BW_logo  Opens in new window