Shore Ave Force Main & Lift Station #15

This project installs a new sewer pipe in Shore Avenue and replaces Sewer Lift Station #15 at Edgewater Park. Another project, Edgewater Bridge Replacement, will impact traffic in this area as well. 

  1. Purpose
  2. Timeline

Shore Avenue Sewer Force Main

  • The sewage from this neighborhood flows down a pipe adjacent to Edgewater creek and into a sewer conveyance pipeline along the shore of Possession Sound. A portion of the pipeline is almost 60 years old and inspections indicate that it needs to be removed from service. Based on cost and environmental factors, the most cost-effective solution is to install a new sewer pipe (force main) in Shore Avenue.

Sewer Lift Station #15 

  • In order to utilize the new Shore Avenue Sewer Force Main, a new sewer lift station will be constructed north of the intersection of Shore Avenue and West Mukilteo Boulevard. This lift station will pump flows northeast along Shore Avenue to a portion of the existing sewer that is in good condition.  Sewage flows are eventually conveyed to the Everett Water Pollution Control Facility for water quality treatment.