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This page provides relevant information to community members about the Everett Police Department. It is designed as a resource for the public to obtain information, prevent crime and provides contact information on specific units. Our goal is to provide information that can be used to help make your neighborhood safer.

Community Alert:

The department is aware of increased local catalytic converter thefts which are a nuisance and decrease the quality of life in our community. We have dedicated resources to work on this problem and are investigating those responsible. We encourage community members to take proactive crime prevention measures, so they are not victimized.

Converters contain many different precious metals that are extremely valuable and makes the reward of theft greater than the risk of arrest. Stealing a converter is quick and simple with common metal cutting instruments. Unfortunately, victims pay around $2,000 for repairs.

While trends vary, currently targeted vehicles are the Toyota Prius and Ford E-250/F-250 (or larger with V10 Triton engines). Any vehicle can be targeted anywhere - anytime of day. Prevention may cost several hundred dollars, but replacement may cost several thousand and time to fix!

Crime Prevention Techniques:

  • Mark your converter with a VIN # so it can be traced, if located
  • Install an undercarriage shield or cage
  • Park in a garage or well-lit area
  • Weld flange bolts to the vehicle
  • Install a tilt sensing vehicle alarm system
  • Local exhaust/muffler shops may be able to incorporate metal rods alongside your converter
Catalytic Converter

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Community Crime Map
In an effort to reduce crime, improve community safety, and provide transparency, Everett Police partners with LexisNexis (a 3rd party vendor) to provide crime information to the public. Community Crime Map allows users to analyze crime, identify hotspots, and send automatic alerts on recent crime activity. FAQ’s and tutorials from LexisNexis

Open data was Mayor Franklin’s direction on Community Engagement and Inclusion, as a potential tool to increase government transparency and create an inspired, empowered and engaged community. This information can be freely used, modified, and shared by anyone for any purpose. There are numerous options under Safe Community to review public safety related data.

Public Records Request
The City of Everett and Everett Police, in accordance with the Washington State Public Records Act (RCW 42.56), allows for the inspection or copies of records unless specifically exempted by law. You may submit a request for records online or in person. After submitting a request, you may be contacted to clarify your request or to coordinate delivery of records. Many city records, including ordinances, resolution, meeting minutes, building records, and contracts are available online on the Digital Records Center.


Submit Information

File an online report
Online Reporting is designed for save citizens time when they have been victims of non-emergent crimes. This system cannot be used for felonies, crimes where the suspect is known, if the crime address is unknown, or if the value of something stolen or damaged exceeds $5,000.

  • Call 911 to report emergencies and in-progress crimes.
  • Call the non-emergency number (425-407-3999) if you need an officer to respond or the situation does not fit the online reporting process.

Submit a crime tip
Crime Tips can be submitted when you have not been victimized but believe you have information that a crime has been committed. Tips are routed to the appropriate unit for review and processed. Tips can be confidential and not all tipsters will be contacted by an officer.

NNO Interaction

Community Meeting - Keynote Speaker

Speaker request - Please include the meeting date, topic, length of time and your contact information so the appropriate officer can be advised.

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