A “false alarm” is a request to dispatch police to an alarm activation when there is no evidence of criminal activity or a law enforcement emergency.  The purpose of the False Alarm Reduction Program is to reduce false alarms and the number of unnecessary police responses to false alarm activations.  Proper installation, use, and maintenance of alarm systems improves reliability and accuracy and can reduce or eliminate false alarms.

Cost recovery for a false alarm

The police department recovers costs related to responding to false alarms through a false alarm response fee.  A false home alarm or other audible alarm is charged a fee of $100.00 for each response.  Panic alarms, holdup alarms, and silent alarms are charged a fee of $200.00 for each response.


Alarm response fees can be paid online or by calling 866-683-0824.

Alarm Monitoring Company License

Online application process, email or call 866-683-0824