Boy Scouts Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge

The Boy Scouts of America's motto is "Be Prepared" and that is a large part of emergency management. Scouts who are working on their

Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge

are asked to visit with emergency management staff to learn about emergency management and how the Scouts can help their families become better prepared. 

The Everett Office of Emergency Management has developed a merit badge document to help answer questions that are in the merit badge requirements. While this document helps cover some of the basic questions, we encourage Scouts and or troops to contact us to answer any questions they may have. The Everett Office of Emergency Management provides public education presentations on disaster preparedness within the City of Everett.  

Other resources and links that may help your scout research their answers for their emergency preparedness badge.

Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge Workbook / Template.

Emergency Preparedness Guide

Individually Prepared. Together Resilient.

Article: How to respond to and safely extinguish a kitchen fire

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