Employee Benefits

The City of Everett provides employees with a comprehensive benefits package. Benefits include medical, dental, vision, life insurance, flexible spending accounts, paid holidays, vacation and sick leave, ride share, an employee assistance program, and a retirement program.

Employees are required to participate in retirement plans provided by the State of Washington and can also participate in our deferred compensation plans.

Deferred Compensation
Two voluntary tax-sheltered deferred compensation plans are offered in which employees may invest certain amounts of their pre-tax earnings.

Direct Deposit
Employees can deposit their paychecks directly to their bank or credit union accounts.

Flexible Spending Accounts
Employees can participate in Section 125 Flexible Spending Accounts for medical care and/or dependent care reimbursement.

Employees have 11 - 12 annual paid holidays.

Insurance plans
Employees receive medical, dental, and vision plans and may be eligible for life or LTD depending on the bargaining agreement or ordinance. All of these plans could require an employee to share in paying a portion of the premiums.

The effective start date for insurance coverage is the first day of the month following employment. For those employees covered under the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) labor contract, their insurance start date is the first day of the third month of employment.