Rethink Schedule

The Rethink Zoning initiative will be done in four steps. 

  • Step 1 -  in the first year, staff worked with the Planning Commission, City Council, City staff and interested citizens to explore initial concepts for a new development code.
  • Step 2 -- after discussing concepts, City staff have begun drafting chapters of a new zoning and development code. The major chapters of this work will be presented to the Planning Commission, City Council and staff for early input and feedback.
  • Step 3 -- after the early input, staff will begin compiling a complete zoning and development code. This new code will be tested internally to look for readability, conflicts, and other factors. Additional workshops, open houses and briefings will take place.
  • Step 4 -- once the input and testing is complete, and an environmental review is completed, public hearings will be scheduled before the city’s Planning Commission. The Planning Commission will make their recommendations to the City Council, who will hold their own briefings and public hearings.