Expressive Activities (Free Speech)

Permit Fee:  No Fee

An expressive activity event is.... 

  • an event in which the sole purpose to express, or communicate opinions, views, or ideas.
  • No fee or donation is required to participate
  • No goods or services will be sold at the event
  • No fundraising will be conducted at the event.
  • Excludes sports events
  • Excludes events that are principally for entertainment

Less than 100 attendees

  • An expressive activity special event, including spontaneous event, expecting fewer than 100 attendees, which will comply with traffic and safety laws (e.g. will not block roads or sidewalks) does NOT need an expressive activity special event permit. It must still comply with all applicable regulations in Chapter 5.136 of the Everett Municipal Code.
  • Please complete the Small Expressive Activity Notification Form. This notice is to inform the City of your event so that it may continue to promote the health and safety of the community and event participants. 

100 or more attendees