Scooter sharing pilot program

About the pilot

The City of Everett finalized an agreement in May, 2019, authorizing Lime to deploy 100 of its electric scooters for a 90-day pilot program . In developing this pilot, the City reviewed scooter- and bike-sharing programs in other cities to determine what to include. Under the agreement, LIME is responsible for a one-time payment of $500 and a per trip fee equal to $0.10 every trip initiated within the City limits.

The agreement states that the pilot will allow the City and its residents and visitors to evaluate the operation and regulation of shared scooters to gauge the level of public support and determine how scooter share programs like this affect the environment, transportation options for commuters and visitors,  and the health, safety and welfare of the general public. During this 90-day pilot, Lime and the City will collect feedback from community members and visitors in order to determine whether electric scooters should become an ongoing component of mobility offerings in Everett. 

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Share your feedback about the pilot program

  • Submit feedback to LIME online
  • Email LIME at [email protected] 
  • Call or text LIME at 888-546-3345 (if calling, press option zero)