City Priorities

In 2019 Mayor Franklin outlined key priorities for the City that support our goal of ensuring the best quality of life possible for our residents. The Mayor previewed the priorities in her 2019 State of Everett address.

Download the City priorities (PDF)

City priorities

Quality of life

Everything we do as a City, whether in public safety, community engagement, economic development or delivering services, supports our ultimate vision and goal of ensuring the best quality of life possible for our residents, businesses and visitors.

Safe community

Vision: People are safe anytime, anywhere in Everett. Our community is inclusive and welcoming to people of all backgrounds and beliefs.

Housing, transportation & infrastructure

Vision: People who work in Everett also have the opportunity to live in Everett. Our policies and resources are aligned with our housing vision and we have a wide range of quality housing available at all price points, as well as temporary and permanent housing options available. People and goods move easily and efficiently within and through Everett and have access to many modes of transportation. Transportation networks are well-maintained, sustainable, regionally connected, support economic development and able to adapt to a growing population.

Economic, workforce & cultural vitality

Vision: Businesses of all sizes feel supported and connected to City government, with its commerce-friendly policies and well-established pipelines into major industries and networks. Everett is a leader in regional economic development efforts that attract new businesses to our City where they find a ready workforce that is educated and trained at our own premier institutions. Residents and visitors love our parks, celebrate our diverse cultures, cheer our teams and events, support our restaurants and retailers, and explore our active art scene.

Engaged & informed community

Vision: Community members are connected to each other and actively involved in civic life. The City uses technology and rich community networks to share information, solicit feedback and make it easy to utilize City services.

Responsive & responsible government

Vision: As a government agency, we are responsive, transparent and accountable. We are good stewards of our resources and we deliver essential services efficiently. We establish priorities and make decisions that honor our obligation to our community.