Rethink Zoning Library

Zoning and Development Code

You can find the latest draft code chapters presented to the City’s Planning Commission or City Council below. 

Code ChapterAssociated MapsLast Updated
Chapter 5, UsesZoning Map
Street Designation Map
On-line Interactive Map
Chapter 13, Specific UsesAdult Retail Stores Prohibited Map01/24/20
Chapter 21, Building Form & Designn/a02/07/20
Chapter 22, Building & Structure HeightsCity-wide Height Map02/12/20
Chapters 51-55, Land Divisionn/a12/10/19

Comprehensive Plan Amendments

Rethink Zoning is not intended as a revision or major update to the comprehensive plan. Some minor changes to the Land Use Designation map and other parts of the Comprehensive Plan are still necessary. Here are the amendments being considered:

Plan AmendmentAssociated MapsLast Updated
Chapter 4,  Plan Guidance for Amending Zoning District Mapn/a1-14-20
Chapter 4, Land Use Map Changes
Land Use Map3-24-20

Background Documents

The following documents have been presented to the Planning Commission and/or City Council

Rethink Zoning Maps

Rethink Zoning Toolkit

Rethink Environmental Review