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CERT Classes for 2024

The 2024 Basic CERT Academy is scheduled for March 6-April 24, 2024.

You can submit your interest via the online form at this link: Submit Online. You will be contacted with further information on registration. Registration is prioritized with City of Everett residents and employees having the first option to attend.

Visit Find a CERT Program Near You for other agencies that offer the training.

In the meantime, you can gain knowledge with free online courses through FEMA’s Independent Study classes. Here are some we recommend for those who are interested in CERT and or Emergency Management topics:

These four courses are core courses that many volunteer organizations and government agencies that are involved in emergency response require:

These online FEMA courses require you to have a Student I.D. number (SID) to take the test, you can register for that number at this link


There is a requirement to attend all sessions, establish a minimum 3-day home emergency kit, obtain personal safety equipment, and be a willing team participant. The cost for personal safety equipment is approximately $35 and it’s advised to purchase equipment on your own to ensure proper fitting. The basic equipment information and where to purchase will be explained at the first class.


The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) concept was developed and implemented by the City of Los Angeles Fire Department in 1985. They recognized that people will likely be on their own during the early stages of a catastrophic disaster. Accordingly, the fire department decided that some basic training in disaster survival and rescue skills would improve the ability of people to survive until responders or other assistance could arrive. The training program proved to be so successful in Los Angeles, that the Federal Emergency Management Agency felt the concept should be made available to communities nationwide. The CERT materials were expanded to make them applicable to all types of disasters and provided to local agencies. Recognizing the value of this program the City of Everett Office of Emergency Management and the Everett Fire Department has regularly offered CERT classes to our community since 1999.

Everett’s CERT Program

The Everett Office of Emergency Management offers Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) class every fall and spring. The 8-week training course is conducted one evening each week and covers a variety of planning, prevention, and manipulative skills aimed at surviving a disaster. Participants will be expected to attend all 8 sessions, establish a minimum three (3) day home survival kit, obtain personal safety equipment, and be a willing team participant. CERT is about people helping people.

CERT Program Levels

CERT Member:
1) Successfully completed the CERT Training
2) Lives and/or works in the Everett vicinity, and
3) Desires to assist their neighborhood and community in a disaster or major emergency.

This level of CERT member is given opportunities throughout the year to participate in trainings and exercises, and volunteer at a number of events.

Registered Emergency Worker CERTs:
Fulfills the same requirements as above, PLUS:
1) Completes and passes a City of Everett background check
2) Successfully completes FEMA course IS-100.c "Introduction to the Incident Command System" available online. This course can be done at your own leisure and speed on your home computer.

Once you have submitted the necessary documentation to the Everett Office of Emergency Management, you will be provided directions for obtaining a photo ID badge identifying you as a "Registered Emergency Worker" CERT. This level of CERT member is given permission to enter the City’s secure Emergency Operations Center and will be invited to participate in select training opportunities.

For additional CERT program information, please contact:

Vickie Fontaine
Everett Office of Emergency Management
2930 Wetmore Ave., Everett, WA 98201
Email Vickie Fontaine