Waterfront Place

Amendment to Master Plan Proposed

Planning Commission took action at their public hearing on April 16, 2019 to consider an amendment to the Planned Development Overlay (PDO) master plan for Waterfront Place. The proposed amendment would re-align Weaver Street to a north-south configuration. Planning Commission action is a recommendation to City Council.  The City Council public hearing is scheduled on June 5, 2019 at 6:30 pm to take action on a resolution amending the Development Agreement for the Port of Everett Waterfront Place Central Planned Development Overlay Zone.

City Council Documents

Background Documents

Final Development Plan

The City of Everett has received an application from the Port of Everett for the approval of the Final Development Plan for Waterfront Place Central, under Everett Municipal Code Section 19.29.110, Planned Development Overlay (PDO) Zone. This provision of the zoning code requires the owner of property for which a master plan has been approved under the PDO zone to submit a final development plan for approval by the Planning Director within three years (four years with a one-time allowable extension) of approval by the City Council. The City granted a one-year extension in 2018, and the Port of Everett has submitted a request for final approval.

Application Submittal