ReThink Zoning

ReThink Zoning is a multi-year effort to ensure that our development regulations support our efforts to recruit new businesses and ensure we have a wide range of housing at all price points.

Does the City’s zoning affect housing affordability? 

Housing-Income-1990 to 2017We’ve seen steep increases in the cost to rent or buy a home that are not keeping pace with household income. In 2000, a single-family home in Everett could be bought for under $170,000; in 2018, the median price went up to $390,000. The current median income for a family is $55,000.

As part of our broader efforts to update our housing strategy, we are looking at issues of housing affordability and whether our zoning code affects the ability of individuals and families to own a home or live in Everett. For instance, would other housing types, such as townhomes and infill units, fit into single family neighborhoods? How can a low-income family, or someone who is without a home, afford housing in our city?

Is the City’s zoning in sync with economic forces driving rapid change in our region?

AirplaneThere are a number of economic forces creating change in our community. Just this month, commercial air service started at Paine Field. Our aerospace manufacturing center creates opportunities for advanced research and development. We’ll see light rail service to Everett by 2036. As our population grows and changes, we expect more demand for neighborhoods where shopping, dining, services, and transit are an easy walk or bike ride away.

The ReThink Zoning project will look at whether the City’s zoning is in sync with economic forces driving rapid change in our region. What types of development do we expect and want along our highway corridors and arterials? How will neighborhoods change, and what types of services are needed nearby that are walkable?

Project Information

  1. David Stalheim

    Long Range Planning Manager
    Phone: 425-257-8736