Parking Ticket Infomation

Disabled Parking Violations

If you have received a Disabled Parking Violation you may request to have the violation dismissed by signing a statement under penalty of perjury that the placard, special license plate or special year tab was valid at the time the infraction was issued in accordance with chapter 46.19 RCW.

The Disabled Parking Violation - Declaration and Motion to Dismiss form needs to be completed and filed with the court.  A copy of the valid placard and the valid identification card issued to the person needs to be attached to the form.  If you have a special license plate or special year tab, you will need to provide a valid vehicle registration and identification card. 

The Judge will review the Declaration and Motion to Dismiss along with the supporting documents.  The case may be resolved without having to come to a court hearing.

Parking Ticket on Sold Vehicles

By Washington State Law, the registered owner of a vehicle is presumed to be responsible for parking tickets issued to the vehicle.  Filing a timely and complete Report of Sale  with Department of Licensing when you sell a car releases you from responsibility for tickets issued to the vehicle after the sale date, but you are still the registered owner until the buyer titles and registers the vehicle.

As of January 2016, anyone who purchases a vehicle is issued a new license plate when they register and title the vehicle.  If you sell a vehicle and leave your plates on it, and the buyer does not pay a parking ticket before they register the vehicle, the late notice will be sent to you because you are still the registered owner with the Department of Licensing.

If you received a late notice or a collection agency letter about a parking ticket issued to a vehicle that you sold before the ticket was issued, file with the Court a copy of the completed Report of Sale Receipt  that you filed with the Department of Licensing and the ticket may be assigned to the buyer named in the Report of Sale.  Please note that a completed Report of Sale includes the buyer's name and address.