Transportation Benefit District

On June 18, 2014, after a Public Hearing, Council adopted Ordinance No. 3386-14. This established the Transportation Benefit District (TBD), beginning on July 8, 2014. The boundaries of the TBD are the city limits.

TBD Funds

The funds generated by the TBD may be used for transportation improvements that preserve, maintain, operate, construct and reconstruct the existing transportation infrastructure of the city, consistent with the requirements of the legislature. In addition, funds generated may be used for any purpose allowed by law including to operate the district and to make transportation improvements that are consistent with existing state, regional, and local transportation plans. The funding will help preserve and maintain optimal performance of the city infrastructure over time to avoid expensive infrastructure construction and replacement in the future.

Everett TBD Annual Report

Everett TBD 2021 Annual Report (PDF)