Your Neighborhood

Everett is divided into 19 neighborhoods, each of which has its own neighborhood association, led by community volunteers. As independent entities, the neighborhood associations work to enhance quality of life in their neighborhoods, support participation in city government and foster a greater sense of community among Everett residents.  The groups play a key liaison role in communication with city government and participation in city matters.

Neighborhood groups hold regular meetings, discuss current issues, invite guest speakers, host special events, participate in civic issues and work to enhance our city.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend and be active.

The City provides organizational support and offers matching funds to neighborhood associations, so they can carry out improvement projects to benefit their community. Using the matching funds, residents enhance parks, trails, community gardens and open spaces. They host neighborhood events and gatherings to knit the community together, providing fun and safe activities. Neighborhood groups also encourage individual and neighborhood disaster preparedness and learn how to respond and recover from earthquakes or other disasters.