Human Needs Grants

Each year, the City allocates $3 per capita for grants to non-profit human service organizations providing services to City of Everett residents. Since 2016, an additional $1 per capita has been included for Community Streets Initiative activities. 

Human Needs funds are provided to programs that are accessible without regard to ability to pay, as well as programs that are physically accessible, culturally sensitive, linguistically accessible, and non-discriminatory. The City intends to support programs that promote diversity of all types. 

Funds are available on a January 1 - December 31 calendar year. Funds do not 'rollover' into the next program year and any unexpended funds at the end of the year cannot be combined for a future ask. 

2020 Funds are now available! Please visit the "Grant Toolbox" link (see left panel) for the application packet and information.

For additional information or questions, please contact staff. 

  1. Rebecca A. McCrary

    Housing and Community Development Program Manager
    Phone: 425-257-7133

  2. Kembra Landry

    Community Development Specialist
    Phone: 425-257-7155