Inclement weather updates

Page last updated Tuesday, March 19 at 9:47 a.m.

View the current weather forecast from National Weather Service and see below for additional resources. Scroll down for facility closures and changes to programs, as well as snow-safety tips (in our FAQs).

Please call the Public Works 24/7 dispatch line to share observations about specific locations: 425-257-8821.

Current operations and road conditions:

  • Crews have been hard at work removing sand since the last snow fell, following the Ice and Snow Control Plan in plotting their routes as they did when plowing and sanding. 
  • The City has four street sweepers and crews have been sweeping the sand since Feb. 18, working extended-length day shifts and some additional Saturday shifts.
  • As of March 18, crews have swept 1,058 miles of road and removed 1,222 cubic yards of sand. All arterials have been swept at least once with an air sweeper, and crews are working through a second time with a mechanical sweeper.
  • Picking up heavy amounts of sand requires sweepers to travel much slower than normal, with frequent trips to the stockyard to dump the spoils and clean the screen and inner workings.

Plan ahead:

  • Take steps to prepare your family and home for snow, cold temperatures and possible power outages. Visit the City website for resources:
  • For weather updates, visit
  • As the weather changes, clear blocked storm drains of snow and ice to help manage surface water and prevent flooding.
  • Wet snow is very heavy! Be cautious of falling trees/branches and heavy, wet snow accumulations on roofs.
  • Know before you go: View Everett’s traffic cameras to look at the conditions at 36 locations across the city.
  1. Numbers to call
  2. Resources & information
  3. FAQs

To keep 911 lines free for emergencies, please use these numbers:

  • To report an emergency: Dial 911
  • To contact police or fire for a non-emergency: 425-407-3999
  • To report a power outage to Snohomish PUD: 425-783-1001
  • To report a road condition: Call the 24-hour Dispatch hotline at 425-257-8821

Other numbers:

  • Parks inclement weather hotline: 425-257-8399
  • For Everett Transit routes, contact the Transit customer service phone line: 425-257-7777