Residential Parking Zones

Residential Parking Zone Boundaries Changed 

As of January 1, 2019, the Residential Parking Zone (RPZ) boundaries have expanded to include all residential streets north of 41st Street. The Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC), a volunteer citizen advisory board, completed a public hearing process and made recommendations redefining the RPZ boundaries. The City has implemented the recommendations.

A map of the previous RPZ boundaries (PDF) shows Zones 1 through 9, which were established around major institutional on-street parking generators like Everett Community College or Providence Regional Hospital. A map of the new RPZ boundaries (PDF) shows Zones A through E. The TAC expanded the zones and established new boundaries based on pedestrian barriers, such as significant arterials or challenging topography. The new zones are also generally in line with City neighborhood association boundaries, each having their own unique parking challenges.

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