Pet Licenses 

All cats and dogs six months of age and older living within the City of Everett are required by law to be licensed. Pet licenses identify animals should they become lost, and the revenue helps support the animal shelter and reuniting animals with their families.

If you are not sure whether your address is within Everett City Limits, you can use the City's online search tool. (If your address does not appear, it is not in the City of Everett. Check with Snohomish County or your City Hall for licensing requirements.)

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Dog & Cat License Fees

Licenses & RenewalsSpayed/NeuteredUnaltered
Pet license$30$75
Seniors (65 and older)$20$75
Service dog (affidavit required)$0$0
Late Fee: 31-60 days past due
Late Fee: 61 - 90 days past due$25$25
Late Fee: 91-135 days past due$40$40
Late Fee: Over 135 days past due$50$50
Replacement for lost tag