Stevens County Puppy Mill

How the Everett Animal Shelter was able to help

The Everett Animal Shelter is pleased to have been part of the team that rescued dogs in two puppy mill closures. These puppy mills were located in Stevens County - and included all small breed dogs, mostly Chihuahuas. The Shelter took in 40 dogs - a few moms and puppies, adults, and about a dozen senior dogs. 

We are currently evaluating the health of these adorable dogs. The lack of care they received is being addressed by our veterinary team. Health exams, baths, dentals, bloodwork, spay/neuter, mass removals and other medical testing will be just part of the package. Many of these senior dogs are headed into foster care for medical issues that still need to be resolved. With the help of our rescue partner Save-A-Mutt we are committed to doing everything we can to prepare them for their new lives. 

Help these wonderful dogs and others like them

Click here to donate. Donations to Fund for the Animals goes directly to helping all the animals in the shelter, including these puppy mill dogs who need a little extra care!

Ready to adopt?

We have 17 dogs that are ready to find their forever homes right now! You can find their photos and information about each of them here. If you are interested in adopting one of these dogs please fill out an application, online or at the shelter in person.We will be adopting these dogs out by appointment only. If your application is approved we will contact you via email to set up an appointment or to get further information.

Please keep in mind these dogs are all under-socialized, some more than others. It will take a lot of time and patience to not only gain their trust but to help them adjust to their new surrounding. There are many issues that will arise such as potty training, barking, snapping and mounting. For more information about what it takes to welcome a puppy mill survivor into your home go to: