Chief’s Community Advisory Board


The Chief's Community Advisory Board is a group of community stakeholders who serve as a resource to the Everett Chief of Police in understanding and responding to public safety issues facing the police department and community. The Chief seeks to leverage the knowledge, perspectives, and civic spirit of board members to enhance how Everett Police engages and interacts with the community, and how the department delivers law enforcement and crime prevention services to the community. Conversely, members will become more knowledgeable about law enforcement in their community and assist the Chief in promoting public trust and educating the community at large about the function and role of the Everett Police Department.

The Board is a valuable component of the police department's community policing strategy while also supporting Mayor Franklin's Community Engagement and Inclusion Directive and the agency's core values of professionalism, honor, and integrity.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Partner in discussions with the Chief and other departmental personnel regarding police services and priorities
  • Act as a sounding board for the Chief of Police regarding proposed police programs and priorities
  • Promote a climate of public trust between the community and the Everett Police Department
  • Promote public awareness of police services and programs
  • Assist the police department with community outreach, public education, and recruitment efforts
  • Regularly attend scheduled Board meetings (anticipated to meet quarterly)
  • Treat other Board members and department personnel with dignity and respect
  • Occasionally serve as panelists during police promotional processes


The Board consists individuals who reside, work, attend school or volunteer in the City of Everett who are selected by the Chief of Police based on their direct commitment to, and involvement in the city of Everett and serve 3-year terms. Members are civilians, not law enforcement professionals, with the goal that they can provide important external perspectives and insight about law enforcement and crime prevention issues.

  • Ashraf Alazadi
  • Binta Baldeh
  • Jay Behar
  • Liz Cordova
  • Tony Edwards
  • Caitlin Fellows
  • Andre Graham
  • Louis Harris
  • Kasandra Jacobs
  • Consuelo Ledesma
  • Faviola Paz-Galicia
  • Oscar Soto