Edgewater Bridge Replacement

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The bridge is located along Mukilteo Boulevard at the western city limits adjacent to Mukilteo. The bridge spans Edgewater Creek and is a vital link for the Boulevard Bluffs neighborhood. The new replacement bridge structure will include two vehicle travel lanes, bike lanes and sidewalks on both sides.

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The existing five-span, 350-foot bridge, built in 1946, is nearing the end of its useful life and is in need of replacement. The existing bridge is structurally deficient, functionally obsolete and vulnerable to seismic risk. Load restrictions have been imposed for continued safe operation. This bridge is one of three bridges along Mukilteo Boulevard that provide vital access to the Boulevard Bluffs neighborhood. The loss of any combination of two bridges along this section of Mukilteo Boulevard due to a major seismic event would result in potential isolation for parts of the neighborhood. The City is focusing on this bridge and the Maple Heights Bridge as part of our earthquake hazard mitigation efforts.