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These tours focus on the historic buildings and sites of downtown Everett. Funded by a grant from Washington State's Department of Archaeology, the tours are meant to provide historical insight on Everett's development as a city.

The tours are meant to be viewed on a mobile device while you explore history in our downtown.

For more information on Everett's history, visit the Northwest Room at Everett Public Library.

Short Tour

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The Short Tour is a highlight of 8 historical points in downtown. It highlights both National Register properties and sites important to Everett's growth. This tour is meant to be completed within one hour and can be accompanied by the printed brochure available at various locations, including Everett City Hall (2930 Wetmore Avenue)

Long Tour

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The Long Tour is a collection of 30 points through downtown buildings and sites. This tour is meant to provide a timeline of growth for Everett and is broken down by era. Viewers are able to choose the era that best suits their interest, or view all points in a route that takes them through decades of history. This tour is only available in electronic version but can be supplemented with material from the Northwest Room of Everett's Public Library.

If viewing the tour on a mobile device, please also explore links that accompany some of the points. These links will direct you to more historical information on the site you are visiting, whether it is an oral history or a background on historical relevance.

Thank you for participating