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The Everett District Commission had their last meeting on Oct, 19 2020 where they adopted Plan Map A-9. View the final report here.

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What are districts?

While many cities in Washington elect all of their councilmembers at-large, others have chosen to establish wards or districts, in which some or all of the councilmembers are elected by and represent specific geographic areas of the city.

City Council districts were approved by Everett voters in Nov. 2018. Voters selected a total of five districts and two at-large positions.

Going forward:

Elections: Position 1-5 will eventually become the district positions, and positions 6 and 7 will become the at-large positions.

In 2019, there was an election for positions 4 and 5 (2-year, at-large terms) and for positions 6 and 7 (4-year, at-large terms).

2021 will be the first election by district. Candidates can run for 4-year terms in positions 1-5, representing the new districts. In 2023, there will be elections for positions 6 and 7 for 4-year, at-large terms. Find voter and election information at

About the districting commission and process

The video below provides you with a summary look at the process the Districting Commission went through to create map A-9.

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About the districting process

District Commission and map drawing: The commission and Districting Master Tony Fairfax  have completed their work. During the process the commission worked to develop a district plan and district map. They choose core areas of the city that lay the foundation for district boundaries. They discussed draft maps and the finer boundaries of the proposed districts. The commission worked to keep neighborhoods and communities of interest as intact as possible while following the City Charter and applicable laws. In September 2020, they engaged the community and solicited feedback to support the development of the final plan. The commission settled on Map A-9

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