Barking Dogs

Everett residents should expect to live with some level of noise. Traffic, lawn mowers, construction, barking dogs or other animal noises are just a few examples. As a resident of any community we endure most of these noises. However, pet noises that are unreasonable can be reported. First you should:

  1. Communicate with the pet owner 
    Often, neighborly discussions can be very helpful. Let the pet owners know that you are disturbed by the noise. Sometimes pet owners are not aware of the problem or the impacts on other residents. Try to work out a mutually agreeable and reasonable solution in a neighborly manner. Strategies that may help include manners training, changing the animals' routines, maintaining the animals inside, creating visual barriers from passers-by or providing the animals with more exercise. Allow a reasonable amount of time for a remedy by the pet owner. Print out our Preventing Nuisance Barking (PDF) brochure and Noise Nuisance Letter (PDF), and share these materials with the pet owner. They are designed to help pet owners understand the problem and offer some ideas about correcting a noisy pet issue
  2. Submit a complaint
    Call the Everett Animal Shelter at 425-257-6000 or fill out the Service Request Form. On a first complaint, we will send a letter to the pet owner notifying them that a noise complaint has been filed and that they must take appropriate steps to abate the noise created by their animal(s).
  3. If the violation continues
    If the violation occurs again, please call the shelter and speak to a representative. A declaration form will be sent to you for you to fill out. At the same time, an officer will be sent to the residence to investigate. No further enforcement action will be taken without a completed declaration. It is important that you document the nature and the extent of the problem in the declaration. Be thorough and honest in your documentation as you are signing this document under penalty of perjury.

    If there is a 90-day period between complaints regarding noise issues, the process will return to step two and start over again.