Claims Against the City

If you feel you have a valid claim against the city, follow these steps:
  1. Download a City of Everett Tort Claim Form (PDF) with instructions or call 425-257-8610 to request a form.  You may also use Washington’s Standard Tort Claim Form, which is available on the Washington State website.
  2. After reading all instructions on the form, complete and attach supporting documentation (estimates, receipts, bills, etc.).
  3. If your claim includes a personal injury claim, please sign and attach the Medical Release (PDF) to your claim.
  4. Mail or deliver the completed and signed form to:
    Everett City Clerk’s Office
    2930 Wetmore Avenue
    Suite 1-A
    Everett, WA 98201
  5. Claims must be submitted within the applicable statute of limitations or the city will reject your claim.
Claims will be rejected and returned if they do not substantially comply with Washington State law regarding presentation and filing of claims (RCW 4.96.020).  Claim forms must contain an original pen and ink signature and may not be submitted electronically (email or fax).