Clark Park playground replaced

2017 new Clark Park
Clark old playground web

Clark Park
2402 Lombard Ave
Clark Park playground was installed in 2002 and is approximately 4,690 sq. ft. This project will replace all the equipment and surfacing. The equipment is designed for children ages 2-12 years. The existing engineered wood fiber surface will be replaced with rubber tiles, which provide better ADA compliance and require less maintenance.
Community Engagement             
Parks staff accepted public comments at:
• Park Board Meeting
• Bayside Neighborhood Meeting
Procurement of the new playground equipment, surfacing and installation was contracted through the US Communities purchasing cooperative. This competitive program streamlines the purchasing process and provides a predetermined price and discount.  
Start: February 2018                          
Completion: COMPLETED
For more information contact Cory Rettenmier: 425-257-7314,