Community Engagement and Inclusion

Community Members Speaking to Police Officer

Mayor Cassie Franklin has directed City staff to pursue the following five initiatives:

  1. Develop a clear vision for an engaged community and the related tools and policies for staff to provide effective outreach and engagement opportunities for everyone
  2. Improve inclusion, equity and diversity at the City to ensure that our workforce is representative of the diverse community we serve
  3. Increase access to City government and enhance communication and information-sharing
  4. Establish an interdepartmental team focused on customer service and complaint resolution
  5. Develop and promote opportunities for youth to engage

Mayoral Directive: Community Engagement and Inclusion (PDF)

Everett is rich in diversity of cultures, experiences and faith. The City should not only protect and preserve that diversity, but look for ways to include those diverse voices in our work.

On January 25, 2018 Mayor Franklin issued a directive on community engagement and inclusion. The directive outlines initiatives to increase community engagement, particularly with underrepresented members of the community and young people, and to improve access to City government.