Community Planning & Economic Development

City Buildings

Mayor Cassie Franklin has directed City staff to pursue the following five initiatives:

  1. Establish an Office of Communications and Marketing
  2. Establish an Office of Community Planning and Economic Development
  3. Establish an economic development advisory committee of local business leaders and City Council representatives
  4. Finalize and implement the Metro Everett plan
  5. Develop strategic plans for business growth and expansion for key corridors/districts

Mayoral Directive: Community Planning & Economic Development (PDF)

On January 24, Mayor Franklin issued a directive on community planning and economic development. The directive realigns City resources to better achieve short- and long-term economic goals and includes a focus on developing key business corridors and districts.

"Everett is poised for prosperity. We have all of the ingredients we need to promote positive growth and create a vibrant, attractive community. I will lead the charge as we strengthen our economy, bring new jobs and job centers to Everett, and take advantage of the innovative, creative institutions that are the foundation of our city." -Mayor Cassie Franklin