Public Safety: Youth/Gun Violence and gang Reduction

Police Entry by City of Everett Building

Mayor Cassie Franklin has directed City staff to pursue the following six initiatives:

  1. Develop and implement a comprehensive gang reduction/youth violence initiative
  2. Evaluate current gang enforcement and suppression strategies and consider changes to existing resources
  3. Solicit input from and collaborate with community partners on Everett's youth, gun violence and gang reduction initiatives
  4. Identify and establish a firearm safety campaign
  5. Work with juvenile justice partners to evaluate detention policies and sentencing practices for juveniles arrested and/or convicted of gang-related crimes
  6. Explore funding resources to support these efforts

Mayoral Directive: Youth, Gun Violence and Gang Reduction (PDF)

Everett has experienced a significant increase in gang activity and gun-related crimes, much of it

involving teens and young adults. On Jan. 11, 2018, Mayor Franklin issued a mayoral directive to address these growing issues. Work is underway and the City will provide progress updates throughout the next year.